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Hello and welcome to the teachingWiki!

The teachingWiki is a tool that was created by Ed Ellingsworth and Jon Brauer during their time as graduate students at The University of Alabama. One of the challenges that new graduate teaching assistants face is that they lack knowledge of the experiments they are to lead. Quite often they depend on guidance passed down from more experienced TA's. This wiki was created with the intention that the knowledge gained over the course of a graduate career could be codified and made available to the next class of graduate teaching assistants.

Once you have an accout, you are invited to use the teachingWiki to explore the experiences recorded by other TA's in order that you might be more successful in teaching your labs. More importantly, you are invited to share your own experiences by updating the information you find here. Every user has complete editorial control to modify, add, or even delete information. A wiki works on the honor system and the assumption that its users will all work to constantly improve it. Do not by shy! If you see something that's missing, add it! Something wrong? Change it!

As of 2014, all users are administrators as well which means they have the ability to add new users. You are encouraged to sign up your friends so that the user base grows and the wiki helps the greatest number of TA's. Just be careful that the undergraduates you teach are not given access. No giving away the answers!

Ready to get started? Click the link below to enter the teachingWiki.

UA Teaching Assistant Guide
Information intended to assist TA's at The University of Alabama.

On the technical side, the teachingWiki is hosted on a private webserver maintained by Ed Ellingsworth, off-campus. He will continue to maintain the wiki on the webserver, though normal administration of the wiki is left to the users. If questions arise, he can be contacted at

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